As your County Councillor, Mayor, and now Senator I have been a strong political voice for Cork the last decade. Investment in our communities and public services is essential and some of my priority local issues include a new hospital for Cork, sufficient long-term housing infrastructure and rural broadband connectivity.

6% increase in Cork employment opportunities


Job creation in Cork is up by 6% in the last year – an increase of 1,372 jobs throughout the county.

“This is excellent news for all of us here in Cork, and is consistent with the strong employment performance across the economy.

“I am very pleased to see this strong level of job creation delivered by Government-backed companies; the employment boost from Enterprise Ireland backed companies shows the Regional Action Plans for Jobs is delivering for Cork.

“Fine Gael’s priority is to support companies across the entire country to continue to build on a strong national job creation performance. We are committed to strengthening our communities through employment creation, and building a sustainable future for all our citizens.

“Over 19,000 jobs were created across Ireland by companies supported by Enterprise Ireland in 2017, with every county seeing job increases. We have seen particularly strong jobs growth in the Construction, Engineering, Lifesciences, Digital Technology, Electronics, Food and ICT sectors across the country.

“Whatever the outcome of the upcoming Brexit negotiations it is vital that we are prepared, and the Government continues to take initiatives to bolster the capacity of our enterprise agencies to drive exports and support investment.”


15 January 2018

Additional funding for Seniors Alert Scheme after applications quadruple


A massive increase in applications for the free personalised alarms for people over 65 has resulted in additional funding for the Senior Alert Scheme.

Cork Senator, Tim Lombard, said: “The objective of the Seniors Alert Scheme is to encourage community support for vulnerable older people in our communities by providing personal, monitored alarms to enable older persons to continue to live securely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind.

“In October last year Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring, allocated €2.3 million for the Seniors Alert Scheme, widened the eligibility criteria, and launched a nationwide publicity campaign.

“The rate of applications for personal alarms quadrupled in November, leading the Minister to now allocate an additional €400,000.

Senator Lombard continued: “It is very positive to see such high uptake for this scheme. An additional 268 Cork seniors were approved for the Scheme in November last year, bring the total approved applicants to 2,464, demonstrating this Government’s commitment to the safety of older people in our local communities.

“We need to make sure that as many of our older people avail of this scheme as possible, which is why I want am encouraging everyone reading this to get the word out.

“All you have to do is make contact with your local Seniors Alert group; there are many around the county, and you can find out about your local group by logging on to or phoning 01 511-7222.

“This measure exists with the support of local voluntary groups and if users feel in danger or require immediate assistance they can activate the device which will alert designated members of their community who can then assist them.

“The community groups that are supporting its delivery are providing a valuable service and deserve great credit.

“There is free personal monitoring of the alarm for the first 12 months after which the person pays a small fee. This measure contributes greatly to the safety and wellbeing of senior citizens in their homes.”


10 January 2018

Lombard opens Constituency Office in Kinsale


Yesterday morning (Monday) Fine Gael Senator, Tim Lombard, opened his new constituency office in Kinsale.

Senator Lombard welcomes the public to visit his new constituency office


“I am very excited about this new venture. I feel it is very important that people in and around Kinsale have access to an Oireachtas member because this community, which is very much the beating heart of Cork tourism, should be well represented in Dublin.

“I will host an official opening early in the New Year, but as of next week my new office, at 71 Lower O’Connell Street, will be open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday.

“If you’re in or around Kinsale please feel free to drop by if you have any queries or concerns that you’d like to discuss with me. Equally you can contact my office by phone or email.”


12 December 2017

€112,000 for agricultural shows in Cork


A national allocation of €812,000 has been earmarked for Irish agricultural shows in 2018, €112,000 of which has been granted to Cork.

Senator Lombard said: “Agricultural shows are hugely important to our rural economy. We know the economic benefit they bring to the local economy here in Cork, with surrounding towns and villages benefitting hugely from each show.

“The Government considers this funding an important investment in rural communities and I am delighted that my colleague Minister Ring has provided this funding.

“The shows in Cork set to receive a grant of €7,000 each are:

  • Ballygarvan
  • Ballyvourney/Coolea
  • Bandon
  • Bantry
  • Barryroe
  • Belgooly
  • Carbery/Skibbereen
  • Charleville
  • Clonakilty
  • Cork Summer Show
  • Dunmanway
  • Inniscarra
  • Leap
  • Midleton
  • Schull
  • West Cork Horse Breeders

“This funding allocation takes into account the fact that smaller shows have particularly struggled in recent years. This funding will be a great boost to these events and I commend the dedicated volunteers who work so hard on making the shows happen every year.”

Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD said: “This represents a substantial investment in rural communities and in the rural economy by the Government. I know that this funding will provide a huge boost to the agricultural shows that are such an integral part of our rural culture.

“I know that many shows have struggled in recent years as a result of adverse weather and increased costs. These shows have been a mainstay of the local summer and their absence has been keenly felt.  I hope that this once-off funding will help prevent that situation recurring next year and will help these shows to get back on a sound footing.”

This investment is being carried out in coordination with the Irish Shows Association and the recipients are all members of that Association. Additional shows affiliated to the Irish Shows Association may be added to the list at a later stage.


04 December 2017

Lombard declares for Cork South West


Senator Tim Lombard has voiced his intention to declare for the Cork South West Fine Gael convention.

Senator Lombard said: “The current precarious political situation has emphasised the need for clarity regarding Fine Gael candidates for the next general election, whether that will be this year, next year, or 2021.

“I have previously indicated but am now declaring my intention to put my name forward to contest the Fine Gael convention for the Dáil Éireann in Cork South West.

“As a former Mayor of Cork County Council, and having served 13 years as a local councillor, I have spent more than a decade working directly with the people of Cork to improve and support the quality of life for our local communities.

“In 2016 I was elected as a member of the 25th Seanad, and have used my time as an Oireachtas member to present to Dublin the concerns of people all the way down here in Cork.

“I feel that my political experience along with my background in farming has provided me with a unique understanding of the core issues that need to be address for West Cork.”

Senator Lombard concluded by stated his belief that his convention candidacy will ensure that Fine Gael can secure two Dáil seats in the impending general election.


27 November 2017

Replacement water mains for Sherkin island


€215,000 has been invested in replacing the aging water mains that have been supplying Sherkin island.

“The 1km section of main being replaced has burst eight times over the past year, leading to significant supply disruptions and outages on far too many occasions.

“Irish Water recognised the need to have this pipe replaced with modern plastic water mains in order to provide a much more secure and reliable water supply. This work will also reduce leakage and help reduce the volume of treated water that is lost unnecessarily

“I am delighted that the pipe-laying work is now nearly complete, after which all affected roads can be fully reinstated, and the residents, businesses, and visitors to Sherkin island can benefit from a reliable water supply.”


22 November 2017

Extension of invalidity pension to self-employed


Extension of the Invalidity Pension to the self-employed is a great support to small businesses owners and will help to create jobs locally.

Cork Senator, Tim Lombard, said: “My Fine Gael colleague, the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty, has announced the Government is extending the Invalidity Pension scheme to self-employed workers for the first time ever.

“Invalidity Pension is a pension payment for people who cannot work because of a long-term illness or disability, so the extension of this right is a real leap forward in terms of the rights of the self-employed and business owners who will, for the first time ever, be able to apply for this safety net on the same basis as employees. The change will also apply to farmers, tradespeople, freelancers, contractors and professionals, so lots of people are set to benefit here in Cork once the scheme is extended on December 1st.

“This is just the latest Fine Gael measure designed to improve the lot of small business owners and other self-employed people in Cork, something we have prioritised since entering Government in 2011 as part of the Action Plan for Jobs which has seen the unemployment rate reduce from a high of 15.1% in 2012 to 6% this year.

“It is part of our policy of making work pay and encouraging self-employment and entrepreneurship. Improving the safety net for the self-employed and improving the benefits they receive under the PRSI scheme means they are on more of a stable footing to create more jobs.

“In March of this year, the self-employed were given access to the Treatment Benefit Scheme which includes free eye tests, dental examinations and contributions towards the cost of hearing aids, with additional dental and optical benefits being provided from October 2017 for both the self-employed and employees.

“We have also completed significant steps along the road to the equalisation of income tax credits between self-employed people and PAYE workers. We are two thirds of the way there, addressing what was an unfair treatment of self-employed people in this country. The change in the recent Budget in this regard means that self-employed people will pay €200 less per year in tax from 2018, following our decision to extend the earned-income tax credit to €1,150.

“I am pleased that the Government has been able to extend the Invalidity Pension without increasing the rate of PRSI paid by employees, employers and the self-employed.

“It is important for self-employed people to know that the Invalidity Pension will be based solely on their PRSI contributions. It is not means assessed and any savings or assets they have will not affect their payment.

“Similarly, if their partner is working, that income will not affect the payment of the Invalidity Pension.

“Minister Doherty has also confirmed that it is also open to self-employed who are currently out of work through illness to claim the Invalidity Pension if they have the relevant PRSI contributions on their social insurance record.

“A public awareness campaign on the extension of the Invalidity Pension to the self-employed will run over the next 10 days starting on Monday, 20th November via print, broadcast and digital media.

“Fine Gael will continue its focus on creating even more employment opportunities for people in Cork and throughout the country. Small and family businesses will play a significant role in this jobs success and it is important we continue to support them. More jobs mean increased tax revenue with which we can invest in improved public services to ensure a better quality of life for all.”


20 November 2017

Bandon Southern Relief Road advances to preliminary design stage


“I am delighted to announce that Cork County Council has been advised by Transport Infrastructure Ireland [TII] to proceed in producing a preliminary design for the Bandon Southern Relief road.

“The need for a traffic diversion around Bandon has been recognised and proposed for many years. The excessive daily volume of traffic travelling through the town is creating immense congestion, particularly as a significant portion of this traffic are heavy goods vehicles, whose size and capacity are not suited to the current infrastructure.

“The proposal is to extend the Bandon Southern Relief Road by constructing a bridge over the R63, overriding the existing steep terrain, after which a 2.5 km single carriageway would be built connecting to the western side of the town.

“I have campaigned for this project during numerous debates in the Seanad; the approximate cost of the project is €7.5 million and would represent a major investment in facilitating the development of all of West Cork.

“I have made numerous appeals to the Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross TD, to prioritise and develop this project and I am delighted that these requests have been heard and followed up on.

“The Bandon Southern Relief Road is a key infrastructural project for the development, sustainability, and connectivity of all of West Cork. Bandon is the gateway to this area; increasing the ease of traffic flow in and around the town will be of significant economic benefit to the whole of West Cork.

“Expected population increases for West Cork, and Bandon in particular, will only escalate the current issues. I hope that this green light from TII will enable Cork County Council to progress this project swiftly so that Bandon and the rest of West Cork can develop in accordance with its potential.”


20 November 2017

Lombard: €93 million for Cork farmers

The start of the 70% advance of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will see over €700 million sent out to 111,000 farmers across the country. 11,548 farmers in Cork will benefit from payments totalling €93,154,553, Fine Gael Senator, Tim Lombard, has said.

“This advance payment is a welcome support for farmers here in Cork, and payments should have starting hitting bank accounts already.

“My Fine Gael colleague Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed has also confirmed that the level of the advance payment has been set at 70% this year, rather than 50% as provided for in the EU legislation.

“These payments will benefit over 11,000 farmers here in Cork and will have positive knock on effects to our rural communities as a whole.

“The remaining 30% and other BPS-related payments, such as Young Farmer Scheme and National Reserve top-ups, will be paid in December.

“The Agriculture and Food sector is a strategic priority for Fine Gael. We recognise that farming families are the heartbeat of the rural economy, and our vision for the sector will inspire the next generation to continue the tradition of family farming,” Senator Lombard said.

Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed added that “the advance BPS payment and the ANC payments taken together mean that over €880 million has now issued to Irish farmers in the last month.  These payments provide a significant financial boost for individual farmers and the wider rural economy.

“I was delighted to secure an increase in the ANC scheme allocation for 2018.  This €25 million increase will provide direct financial support to farmers in the most marginal areas of the Country.”


Note: Advance payments will continue issuing regularly until mid-November, with balancing payments to commence issuing from early December.

31 October 2017

Bandon Southern Relief Road needs to be prioritised in National Investment Plan

Cork Senator, Tim Lombard, has expressed the need for prioritising investment in the proposed Bandon Southern Relief Road project.

The proposal to extend the Bandon Southern Relief Road involves constructing a bridge over the R63, which would override the existing steep terrain, after which a 2.5 km single carriageway would be built connecting to the western side of the town.

Senator Tim Lombard said: “The need to prioritise the Bandon Southern Relief Road is of upmost importance.

“Bandon is the gateway to West Cork; anyone wishing to go west has to travel through the town. If we can increase the potential for traffic to flow more easily through Bandon there will be a broader economic benefit to the whole of West Cork.

“One of the key issues for Bandon city itself is the sheer volume of traffic. On a daily basis anything between 9,000 and 14,000 vehicles travel through the city centre and are consequently choking the town.

“A significant portion of this traffic also comprises of heavy goods vehicles, whose size and capacity are unsuited to passing through the town centre, which only intensifies congestion levels.

“The need for this traffic diversion has been recognised and proposed for many years. I have raised this issue in the Seanad a number of times, and again this week during a debate with the Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross TD.

Senator Lombard, Seanad Debate: prioritising Bandon Southern Relief Road is key for West Cork development

“I asked the Minister to prioritise the Bandon Southern Relief Road as a key infrastructural project for the development, sustainability, and connectivity of Bandon and all of West Cork.

“Expected population increases for West Cork and Bandon in particular will only escalate the current issues. We need to swiftly develop plans to divert traffic from the city centre so Bandon and the rest of West Cork can develop in accordance with its potential.

“The approximate cost of the project is some €7.5 million and would represent a major investment in facilitating the development of the area. I would hope to see the capital budget for the Ten-Year Investment Plan increased so that this project, and other like it, can be prioritised, allocated funding, and completed in a timely manner.”

27 October 2017