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44 additional Rural Social Scheme places for Cork

Cork Senator and member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Tim Lombard, has welcomed the addition of 500 Rural Social Scheme places.

“This is the first increase since 2006, bringing the total national number up to 3,100, and there are a number of RSS implementing bodies in Cork receiving a total of 44 additional places. This is a welcome expansion for our largely rural and coastal county.

“The RSS is aimed at supporting low-income farmers and fishermen/women by boosting social welfare payments for participation in providing services which benefit local communities. Involvement in the scheme is voluntary and dependent on the local vacancies available. Participants provide 19.5 hours a week in services to a local rural or community project, and in return they receive a top-up on their social welfare payments as well as an opportunity to develop new skills.

“This scheme provides critical assistance for our communities, supports countless sports clubs, amenities and rural facilities. Given the benefits of the scheme, both for those taking part and the local community, I would strongly encourage all eligible to apply.

“With the continued economic recovery, Fine Gael is determined to ensure that the benefits of this are experienced in every community across Ireland, thus I am delighted to see the expansion scheme here in Cork.”

21 January 2017

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Funding for Water Mains Replacement in Rosscarbery

Update for Rosscarbery residents regarding Irish Water’s plans to solve the water disruption issue in their locality.

Seantor Lombard said: “I have been communicating with residents of Rosscarbery who have had to contend with significant disruptions to their water supply the last year. The supply was not available on approximately 6-8 separate occasions during 2016 and on three separate instances between the 12th and 16th of January this year. This is totally unacceptable.

“These reoccurring disruptions are understandably causing a lot of frustration for the residents of Rosscarbery and cannot continue. Water is a necessary resource and a regular, reliable supply must be acquired as soon as possible.

“The cause of the disruptions has been identified as a significant amount of old asbestos pipes between Clonakilty and Rosscarbery which supply the local water. It is necessary to replace these old pipes in order to reconstruct the local water infrastructure.

“Irish Water have today confirmed to me that they have approved funding for extensive mains replacement for this area which will resolve the highlighted issue. At this point in time Irish Water was unable to confirm a specific timeline for when the works will be undertaken, but it is expected that they will commence in late 2017.

“Unfortunately for the residents of Rosscarbery, any project of this scale takes time for proper planning and preparation to be executed. I cannot imagine the frustrations of the people affected by this issue and I want to reassure them that I will continue to communicate with Irish Water as to ensure that this project is a priority and the issue is resolved as soon as possible.”

27 January 2017