Extension to rural local link evening bus service in Cork

Senator Tim Lombard has welcomed the planned extension of the pilot local link evening rural bus service.

“My colleague, the Fine Gael Party Chair, Martin Heydon, proposed the extension of evening rural bus services around the country to encourage increased connectivity in our communities and to tackle rural isolation, an issue that many people have raised with me locally.

“It is so important we ensure that people have mobility around their area at night time as well as during the day, be it to local events, sports clubs, shopping centres, restaurants, or visiting friends and relatives.

“Since last summer additional evening bus services have been running in Cork, and indeed all counties, on Friday and Saturday. This pilot scheme has proven very successful and I am glad that the Minister has confirmed it will continue until at least March 31st, until a full review is complete.

“Originally, it was intended that the pilot would end on the 31st of December 2018, after which the National Transport Authority would review the results and ongoing viability. It has been confirmed to me that the NTA will now conduct a further review of the performance of these services in March 2019 after which a decision will be taken regarding future funding for these services.

“As we have seen now with the pilot scheme, the more it is used, the better chance it has of being retained. I encourage the many people benefitting from this service in Cork to continue using it now that it has been extended, and within Fine Gael I will continue to push for this evening service to be made permanent.”


23 January 2019

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