Proposed upgrade of Lee Road Water Treatment Plant

Irish Water have submitted a planning application which proposes enhanced security of water supply to over 100,000 in Cork city by upgrading the Lee Road Water Treatment Plant.

Cork Senator, Tim Lombard, said: “Roughly 70% of Cork city’s total water supply is provided through the Lee Water Treatment Plant so I think this proposal will be beneficial in futureproofing the efficiency and reliability of water supply and service to Cork city.

“The proposal is intended to provide for a 40,000 cubic meters per day capacity water treatment facility. This will involve the upgrading of existing sedimentation tanks, construction of new raw water tanks and pumps, filters, ultraviolet treatment and sludge treatment facilities. Also included will be new chemical dosing, monitoring and control systems.

Delegation visting Lee Road Water Treatment Plant

“Providing Cork city with a reliable water supply is a priority, and I am confident that this new proposal will improve the efficiency of the Lee Road facility and subsequently deliver a more secure water supply for the city.

“There are a number of additional benefits. One is the enhanced protection of water supply during flooding events, and another is that the upgrade proposed would facilitate the removal of the Cork City Water Supply from the Environmental Protection Agency’s remedial action list.

“Further investment is also planned for the upgrade and expansion of the Inniscarra Water Treatment Plant, which also provides water supply to Cork city. The enhanced connections between Inniscarra and Lee Road Treatment Plants will improve the resilience and security of water supply, as well as establishing capacity for future growth.

“Water supply is critical for the public and private functioning of any city. The proposed works will be greatly beneficial for Cork city and I hope to see such benefits reach wider localities in the future.”

07 December 2016

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