A new website will raise public alcohol awareness as well as help people to manage their drinking habits and improve their health and well-being. Cork based Senator, Tim Lombard, said the new website will help people assess their relationship with alcohol and provide detailed information on how excessive alcohol use impacts on physical and mental health.

“This website and the associated HSE campaign will play an important role in providing public health information on alcohol. One of the features of the website is a drinks calculator, which can help people assess their habits and make more informed choices about their own drinking.

“There is valuable information on the impact of alcohol on weight, fitness and mental health, as well as a guide on where to get help if you need it. The website also has a dedicated section for parents with information on how to help your child stay safe and be smart about drinking.

“In Ireland our alcohol consumption levels are high and binge drinking is commonplace, a pattern which is causing significant harm to individuals, their families and society. Education and awareness are key components of fashioning an accurate perspective on healthy vs unhealthy drinking habits. I would encourage everyone in Cork to have a look online; it will help those looking to manage their on drinking, but also inform all of us about the effects of alcohol on public health. The website will also be a useful resource for health services workers and those working in the field locally.

“My colleague, Minister of State for Health Promotion, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD, will further address our need to reduce our alcohol intake as a nation through the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill. While there are still a few details to be ironed out, this legislation is revolutionary and necessary on so many levels.

“The Bill provides for minimum unit pricing to eliminate very cheap alcohol from stores; health labelling on alcohol products to inform consumers; separation in stores to restrict location and visibility; restrictions on advertising and marketing; regulation of sponsorship and regulation of the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol products.

“I hope people in Cork, and our wider communities, will avail of the website so we can all educate ourselves about alcohol consumption and work together as a nation to address the unhealthy culture that has developed around alcohol consumption here in Ireland.”

07 March 2017

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